This is our personal journey of eating and living natural, free from chemicals and pills. We are going back to the basics, living life simple with medicinal herbs, the way our forefathers lived. We have partnered with one of the oldest, family-run, Italian handmade confectionery manufacturers to bring natural, herbal digestives to America. Join us, eat, drink and live life the way you want, free from digestive issues.



  • Natural Alternative to antacids and acid blockers
  • FAST and EFFECTIVE Relief from stomach issues*
  • ON-THE-GO – in your purse, pocket or briefcase
  • Great after-dinner DIGESTIF to help settle the stomach
  • No more living in fear of a having a digestive issue during a meeting, trip or important event
  • Travelers aid – keep in your suitcase for unexpected  diarrhea and constipation
  • Settles a nervous stomach in our stress filled lives!
  • Better than Tea – No hot water needed!
  • Tastes great! No chemical flavor or chalky texture
  • Our high quality ingredients are SIMPLE – 5 maximum
  • NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • HERBS are picked from the Italian Alps and Mongolia / Tibet
  • FRUITS are harvested from the Italian countryside
  • More effective than Tums, Mylanta and Pepto Bismol
  • Natural, SAFE alternative to dangerous Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) such as Nexium, Prevacid and Prisolec.
Q. Is it Natural?

A.  Our lozenges are made with NON-GMO ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives.

Q. Are the lozenges GMO Free?

A. We use only NON-GMO beet sugar, NON GMO glucose syrup and 100% natural herbal and fruit extracts.

Did you know that it is against the law to use GMO ingredients in ITALY? We are ITALIAN MADE!

Q. Why are the lozenges so big?

A. We have perfected the size of the lozenges to give relief by the time you finish sucking one piece.

Q. Why herbs?

A. Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries for digestive ailments. We harvest only the highest quality herbs from the Italian Alps (Chamomile) and Mongolia / Tibet (Chinese Rhubarb root).


Q. How many lozenges can I take at once?

A. Our lozenges are natural and nonaddictive (and delicious), so enjoy them anytime of the day.

Q. What is the importance of “sucking” the lozenges slowly?

A. The effect of “sucking” helps release saliva in the mouth (enzyme – amylase) and signals the tummy to start the process and stimulate digestive enzymes.  Enjoy the flavors and let it slowly melt in your mouth!

Q. What is the origin of your ingredients?

A. 90% of our ingredients are from Italy and the ALPs. The Chinese Rhubarb root is from Mongolia and Tibet.

Q. Is it addictive?

A. Our herbs are not chemically addictive. Please consult with your doctor for other health issues.

But you we cannot promise that you will not “fall in love” with them!

Q. How many should I take to help relieve my symptoms?

A. Normally one lozenge will do the trick. But you can take more if symptoms are severe.

Q. Can I eat this anytime? They are so delicious!

A. Yes, we love the flavors also! Our candies are yummy and can be eaten anytime of day for pure enjoyment. They help ease hunger pangs and help calm our nerves!


Q. Can this help my IBS and Crohn’s symptoms?

A. Chinese Rhubarb Root has 2 components – anthroquinones that helps alieve constipation and tannins which helps ease diarrhea. Sufferers of IBS may want to keep a few lozenges handy to ease their symptoms.


Q: Why is this a great travelers aid?

A: Traveling and vacationing is fun but can take a toll on our digestive system with the time change, airport food and different foods. The “original” rhubarb will be your savior with unexpected diarrhea and constipation (and of course, heartburn and GERD).

Q: Do I suck on the lozenge BEFORE or AFTER a meal?

A: AFTER a meal, our candies can be taken after a meal or beverage. They can be taken when you are feeling your symptoms. Just suck on them slowly and have them melt in your mouth.

Q: Is it Vegan?

A:  Yes, except for the Honey Chamomile.

Q: Will this help my constipation?

A:  Yes, Chinese Rhubarb root has been used predominately as laxative in Tibet. This due to its anthraquinones.  Don’t worry about running to the loo, it is safe, slow and will happen naturally in a few hours or overnight. No pain!

Q. Will it help get rid of bloating and gas?

A.  Yes, all 3 strengths – mild, strong and xstrength help alleviate bloating and gas after a meal.  BUT none of the lozenges are effective against gas buildup from lactose intolerance (sorry, different mechanism).

If you have more questions, please contact us! We will be happy to hear from you.

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