We Love Mera & Longhi

  • I have a super stressful job and home life and have to take Nexium daily. I stopped taking it and tried "the black one" and my symptoms went away immediately and and I slept thru the night!

  • Sometimes I have heartburn that will not go away no matter what I do. I have tried other medicines (the pink one) but they only work for a short period. I tried the extra strength version and it worked instantly - I could not believe it - you have to try this!

  • I am French and cannot give up my expresso but it gives me heartburn. I took a black candy and my heartburn attack was subdued! Amazing, I can stop taking my acidophex daily!

    Eric Chef at Financier Patisserie
  • When traveling long haul I try to adjust my sleep pattern for the destination as soon as I get on a plane. I sometimes loose track when to take my heartburn medication and/or I eat airport food on the run that doesn't agree with me. Only when heartburn hits do I remember to take my medication, the black Mera&Longhi work very well to control the discomfort until the medication kicks in. For me it's a must have in my travel carry-on! So glad I found these.

  • This is the only thing that stops my husbands heartburn - and its natural, to boot!  I have to keep it in stock at all times in the house!

  • These are awesome. I am a physician and we gave them to our very constipated patients, and they all got "cured". And it cost us a lot less than medications we usually use for constipation. We are ordering it for all our patients from now on.

    Dr. O
  • I eat many delicious spices in my Indian household but as I grow older, they are not agreeing with me. I do not like to take drugs - I am so happy to have found a natural alternative for my heartburn so that I can continue to enjoy my wife's cooking!

    Papa Chaudhauri
    Papa Chaudhauri
  • This has a true strawberry rhubarb flavor - you can tell that it is an herbal product, and because it's from Italy, not too sweet. The amazing thing is that it really does soothe acid reflux in the time it takes to enjoy the candy. I've already given these to friends who are very appreciative too! A terrific alternative to medicine, but also a terrific product on it's own!

  • I always have some of these candies in my pocketbook when I’m out and about. I’m a foodie, so I’m always eating lots of food and often find myself over-eating. Whenever I suck on one of these candies, my stomach feels more settled. Not to mention they taste so good too!

  • I love these candies. A friend gave me a couple after we had lunch. I ate one too many pieces of pizza and was feeling a bit full. She gave me the yellow candy and seriously within a few minutes the “full feeling” was gone. I was really surprised it went away so quickly. Not only did it ease in my digestion, the candy is really good. It has a light flavor with a hint of chamomile. I highly recommend, these candies are now ALWAYS in my purse. These are the new “don’t leave home without” product!

  • The strawberry rhubarb has become my go to for digestive issues. As a person with acid reflux issues any meal can become a painful event. I love that by the time the lozenge is gone so are most of my symptoms and I can continue on with life instead of doubled over on the corner!

  • I LOVE these digestives! They’re almost addictive! After researching the relationship between acid reflux medications and premature osteoporosis, the over the counter alternatives were scary enough that I stopped taking them full stop. Whenever I’ve eaten trigger foods, I just take one of the black rhubarb digestives and I can sleep through the night. It’s really remarkable how an all natural product can be more effective ( and so much better for you) than the chemically engineered, symptom specific medications. I’d rather rely on a natural product than a pharmaceutical that is tested as safe, then determined to harm you after you’ve been taking it for 10+ years! Love these!!

  • I was looking for something natural to help with my digestion. I tried the Mera & Longhi . They were great it helped me right away and it tasted delicious not too sweet. I now carry them in my purse when I need it.

  • I LOVE these lozenges! I have tried all three strengths and found each to do exactly what we are told they will do. From the mild to the x-strength I experience relief in minutes. Thank you Mera & Longhi for this excellent product. I won’t leave home without it!

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